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Pay Options & Insurance Plans Recognized

Insurance/Payment: Accepted Insurance

Private Pay & Insurance Reimbursement Options

Tricare Military/Retired

Blue Cross Blue Shield (PPO, HMO, etc)

United Healthcare (UHC)

Aetna (Will no longer accept after June 2024)

Cook Children's Health Insurance Program

Cook Children's Medicaid STAR

Price List

Evaluations and Sessions:

Pricing is subject to insurance plan coverage.  If you are using insurance, please call your insurance provider prior to the appointment to make sure testing and/or sessions are covered. We also accept Private Pay clients.

Clinical Autism Evaluation and Diagnosis


ASD Evaluations are spread over a series of 3 appointments, each on a different day.  

  1. Appointment 1: Parent interview (virtual or in-person)

  2. Appointment 2: Formal evaluations and observations. (2-3 hours)

  3. Appointment 3: Parent discussion and results. (virtual or in-person)

*This will also include an evaluation of ADHD. 

Speech/Language Evaluation (Communication only)


A comprehensive assessment of a child’s communication skills carried out by a licensed speech-language pathologist (SLP). During an evaluation, an SLP assesses domains such as receptive language (i.e., understanding of language), expressive language (i.e., use of language), pragmatic language (i.e., social use of language), articulation (i.e., production of speech sounds), voice, resonance, and fluency.

Speech Therapy Sessions
(Ages: Birth - 18-years)

$72 (30-min)
$90 (45-min)

Speech therapy can help improve your childs:

  • Early language skills (especially children learning to talk and communicate).

  • Ability to use their voice.

  • Language comprehension (how well they understand words and language).

  • Fluency/Stuttering (how well and how comfortably they can use language).

  • Clarity and expression (how easily your child can communicate what they want and need).

Insurance/Payment: Price List
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