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Services Provided:

Pediatric Speech Therapy

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I provide in-person (at the clinic) and teletherapy speech and language therapy services to clients between the ages: birth -18 years. We work together towards building speech and language skills through various programs and techniques, homework activities and family education.  Therapy sessions are typically between 30-45 minutes in length, depending on the child's individual needs. To ensure the highest quality of therapy, services are provided on an individual basis and are always accompanied by home practice programs to allow for optimal carry-over of skills learned in each session.

I provide treatment in the following areas:

  • AAC (Alternative Augmentative Communication)

  • Communication Deficits due to Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Articulation

  • Apraxia of Speech (AOS)

  • Early Childhood Intervention 

  • Oral Motor Control 

  • Speech/Language Delays & Disorders

  • Central Auditory Processing Disorder

  • Dysarthria 

  • Fluency/Stuttering

  • Social Skills

Speech & Language Evaluations

My comprehensive assessments evaluate speech sound production, as well as their receptive and expressive language abilities.  Each evaluation is inclusive of an oral mechanism examination (which examines the functioning of the lips, tongue, and jaw), an examination of the vocal quality, and fluency of speech.

Assessment results will include recommendations such as whether therapy is warranted, as well as the frequency and length of treatment sessions.  A full report with a detailed treatment plan that includes recommendations, goals and objectives is provided.

Free Articulation Screenings

An articulation screening can be performed to help Speech-Language Pathologists, teachers and parents quickly assess if a child’s speech errors appear to be typical or delayed. It is also intended to help identify which speech sounds are in error and as a guide when outlining speech goals. It is not a standardized assessment and is not intended to be used to qualify a child for speech therapy services.

Free Phone Consult

Have questions about your child's speech and/or developmental milestones? Phone consultation is approximately 10-15 minutes long. This service is offered free to individuals with speech concerns. I will obtain information and develop a plan for evaluation and treatment if recommended.

School Evaluation Contracts

I assist school districts throughout Johnson and Tarrant county that have a need for assistance with speech and language evaluations. 

Please contact me for more details and rates.

Daycare Screenings and Contacts

I offer FREE daycare screenings for articulation and language!  

Please contact me for more information.

Hospital Contracts

Inpatient speech therapy contracts provided for children and teens depending on hospital need.

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